The Two Wolves: Community Cantina is an initiative of The Cardoner Project, a Jesuit and Catholic youth volunteering hub that supports global partner organisations, predominantly within the Jesuit network.

Grounded in Ignatian spirituality, The Two Wolves: Community Cantina traces its name to the family crest of Saint Ignatius (1491-1556), the founder of The Society of Jesus, which shows two wolves over a cooking pot. The generosity of the Loyola family allowed both the community and wolves to eat well and it is this generosity that inspired Ignatius to search for more than honour or riches could provide. He set out on a spiritual journey to find God and found it in the service of others.

As a modern form of this way of living, Fr. David Braithwaite SJ founded The Cardoner Project to provide continuing service opportunities for Australia’s youth in disadvantaged communities overseas and within Australia. With a mission of building a more faith-filled and just society, The Two Wolves Cantina is The Cardoner Project’s next stage of growth